Throwback to the magical winter of 2019 and the ice castle in Saskatoon, Canada. Studio De Schutter created together with ice sculptor Don Greer, and with lighting equipment and installation by Keith Fitzgerald from Production lighting, a playful winter installation.

We love to create lighting installations that people can interact with and that add a little bit of magic to the city, tells Studio De Schutter. Interventions like these contribute to a family, winter-friendly city, and thus the overall perception of a city.

This colourful illuminated castle was visible from afar through its high structure and playful lighting. A place that otherwise would go unnoticed at night, the Market Square and Farmers Market Building, became an excursion and site to visit.

This is an example of how creative lighting interventions contribute to a positive winter image, the city’s identity and the night-time economy in general.

Studio De Schutters design lighting considerations for the ice castle were:
  • Inviting and guiding the visitor’s view through light,
  • Interactive,  playful, colourful lighting as this was a temporary installation
  • Technical considerations like security, cabling and mounting
  • Attention for light pollution, thus no upward directed components
But what really counts, were the many smiles and cheers of the kids playing with the installation, even before it opened  The castle became a photo-op location, and an experience to walk through. Let’s embrace winter!

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