Despite a challenging and constrained landscape, Montmagny waterfall and basin has become a major focal point of the city. With the power of light, this project successfully highlighted an area of the city rich in history and promise.

The waterfall and basin have been part of the economic life of Montmagny, Quebec since the first settlements. There was a mill built which is today replaced with a hydro-electric dam. The basin, in addition to harbouring shipyards, has allowed and still allows important activities related to fishing and transportation.

The intention of the lighting design was to make Montmagny falls as the focal point of the vicinity. With a challenging and constrained landscape the design team had to take into consideration: sustainability, water flow, the nearby residences, ice during the winter season, Coast Guards and water level variation.

Ombrages and Graph Synergie embraced the challenging landscape and use it to create several points where laser survey of the site was carried out. This technology ensures a high level of precision in modelling and allows for technical and realistic simulations. Through this process, the team was able to plan and introduce a lighting masterpiece to the citizens and visitors of Montmagny. A focal point for the city to be enjoy year-round.

The design utilizes colours to accentuate and dramatize the dynamic changes of the landscape of the falls throughout the year. Strategic lighting embraces the flowing water, rocks or ice depending on water level and season. The scale of the landscape and beauty is spotlighted, along with different forms and textures. Light reflecting from different angles and elements promotes an unique and awe-inspiring atmosphere around the Montmagny falls.

Article by Ombrages Group
Clients: Graph Synergie, City of Montmagny
Photographer: Jonathan Robert
Montmagny, Canada, 2017