Artworks play an important role in raising the attractiveness of public spaces. Light not only supports artwork but is a crucial element in transmitting visual information when viewing art.

When the local community embraces artwork and introduces the right lighting, these points of interest can become a big part of the identity of the public domain. Soon artwork becomes the heart of community interactions and a meeting place.

"Source" David Giral , Photos extracted from
“Source” David Giral , Photos extracted from

For its 375th-Anniversary, The City of Montréal received a monumental artwork, “Source” through to the contribution of two major patrons: France Chrétien Desmarais and André Desmarais. Created by the internationally known Catalan artist Jaume Plensa, this sculpture represents the wealth of cultures that Montréal has welcomed during its almost four centuries of existence.

The “Source” is a symbol of the city’s past, present, and future. Lighting was applied creatively by playing with the contrast of illumination interior of the sculpture that revealed the alphabets which form the sculpture. This play of light invites residents to experience, socialize around, and enjoy the magnificent sculpture, “Source”.

"Source" David Giral , Photo extracted from
“Source” David Giral , Photo extracted from

The Illumination of the Monumental Work of Art ” Source”
by Ombrages/EP
Client: City of Montreal | Artist/
Collaborator: Jaume Plensa, Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre
Photographer: David Giral , Photos extracted from