Feb 10-12, 2021

Eclat Lighting Initiative Conference


Saskatchewan, Canada

As technology evolves, we have the responsibility to improve our cities and towns. However, as a decision maker, it may be overwhelming knowing what technology will help to improve quality of life. Eclat Lighting Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for decision makers to learn about innovation in lighting technology and what other cities are doing to utilize it.

To work towards our goal, we have established the Eclat Lighting Initiative Conference. Down the road, we will also be coordinating educational sessions for grade-school students.

We would love to see you at our conference! The price to attend the conference is $100.00, but we are providing complimentary tickets to elected officials and city planners. Email jbrown@onpurpose.ca to get a discount code.

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In society, an early example of the influence of lighting was in 1417 London, when the mayor decreed that lanterns with lights must be hung in front of each home and workshop throughout the winter to secure safe passage in the streets. Since Edison’s development of the incandescent light bulb, experiments with night security and security lighting have globalized the practice through an assortment of delivery methods.

Read more at the ANSI Blog: IES G-1-16 – Guideline on Security Lighting for People, Property, and Public Spaces

Whenever people talk lighting and sustainability there are a myriad of issues that arise. This typically includes everything from light pollution, dark sky compliance, power consumption, impacts of lighting products and their efficiencies and effectiveness, including toxicity issues of materials used.

At the end of the day we are seeking to have lighting that meets the standard of highest quality, effectiveness and appropriates (including health and wellness benefits) with lowest negative environmental, human and cost impacts.

Light as an art form whether it is the subject or it illuminates the subject continues to be a source of inspiration for many. Whether it is within and art gallery as architecture, or a display in an event or festival Light as art has come to take on many forms. There are many lighting festivals and events around the glove today. Each with a different intention and purpose and unique approaches. The list of artists working with light continues to grow as does the number of Light Art awards available. There is much to explore and enjoy in light art.

Public space at night both in form and function is determined by artificial light. We need and cities and towns make use of light to guide people, bicycles, and cars along roadways and paths, thereby influencing speed of travel, safety of each other and enjoyment of spaces. Lighting choices helps to illuminate dark corners and facilitate safety for all users. Lighting choices highlights architecturally significant structures, defines space and can transform background buildings into canvases and spectacular tapestries. It also allows public spaces to be enjoyed at night, altering our landscapes to allow for new and unique evening experiences. Lighting choices can also detract and dissuade use, events and activities in spaces. Similarly, lighting choices can serve as wayfinding, reinforcing neighbourhood boundaries and identities, and influencing how we perceive, make use of and move through spaces.

Cities have an amazing opportunity to combine, safety, wayfinding, informational, aesthetic and cultural considerations for lighting in urban planning initiatives. And all lighting professionals – architects, landscape architects, engineers or lighting designers, and city planners have a role to play.