We are so pleased to be launching the Éclat Lighting Initiative right now. And Saskatoon is the perfect place for this initiative to be hosted. Saskatoon’s slogan is Saskatoon Shines and this was derived from the amount of hours of sunlight the city enjoys. Saskatoon is also home to the Canada Synchrotron (Particle Accelerator) hosted by the Canadian Light Source. This spectacular research facility brings together scientists from around the globe working on gaining enhanced understanding and finding solutions to thousands of issues. It is a site for research into COVID-19 among other things right now.

Saskatoon Light & Power has been managing the community’s light and power needs with great stewardship and responsible innovation. The community started hosting a Nuit Blanche festival some years ago and that has continued to grow in interest locally much like its counter parts globally.

With Éclat Lighting Initiative our aim is to o provide a vehicle for expanding knowledge, artistic expression and enhanced public utilization of light. We plan to achieve this through engaging lighting artists, designers, engineers, architects, city planners and the like in engaging dialogue, the sharing of ideas, concepts, tools and techniques and most importantly responsible action that improves the quality of lighting our indoor and outdoor environments to maximize the positive life impacts of light. An important note here is that this includes issues of sustainability, food production, and life sciences.

Éclat Lighting Initiative Goals:

  • Education and knowledge building with regard to the design, implementation and use of light for artistic expression, safety, ambience, traffic and pedestrian flow.
  • Provide a unique festival with global interest that will bring an international audience to Saskatoon.
  • Provide live scaled examples of lighting approaches and solutions that can enhance quality of life.

2021 Themes will include:

  1. Lighting for Life and Living
  2. Urban Innovations
  3. Bringing History and Culture Alive

Éclat Conference

The Eclat team is busy curating a spectacular conference offering for you. Our intention is to design a conference that will be focused on the education, innovation and creativity needs and interests of architects, landscape architects, engineers or lighting designers, artists and city planners.

Given our current world context dealing with the impacts and effects of COVID-19 we are working on design options for fully in-person, Virtual and Hybrid options for the conference.

Conference dates are anticipated to be February 11, 12 and 13, 2021

Éclat competition

We have designed an invitation lighting competition. Four teams of lighting designers will be invited to explore a site with specific challenges identified. The teams will dream up their best designs to address the challenge noted and the space. One of the four teams will be selected for implementation. The Winning project will be installed onsite and available for viewing.

The four competitors will form a expert panel and be invited to present their design approaches to the challenge presented.

Attendees will be afforded the opportunity to view and visit the Winning design.

In the event we are not able to gather in person for viewing, arrangements will be made for live streaming the competition project.

Éclat demonstrations

Select teams of architects, designers and planners will be matched up with lighting suppliers. These teams will be given an area, element, aspect or subject material to find a design solution for. The design solutions will then be implemented onsite and available for viewing.

In the event we are not able to gather in person for viewing, arrangements will be made for live streaming the demonstration projects.

There is so much happening regarding light in our world today and organizations like LUCI, IES, IALD, and so many others are leading the way, we are pleased to join this amazing effort and look forward to collaborations with these organizations as well as the countless lighting artists, designers, engineers, architects, and city planners who are building on innovations and creativity each and every day.

Check out our website: www.eclatlightinginitiative.org and follow us on one or all of our various social channels, be part of this amazing journey with us and help add to the impact we can all have on the impacts of light on society.