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704Restaurants & Bars

Saskatoon has a bounty of options (Saskatchewan is, after all, the bread basket of Canada). Our brilliant food creators (including several award winning chefs) have infused our local ingredients into their menus to create wild pairings and scrumptious meals.  Consider also visiting Black Fox Farm & Distillery to sample exquisite International Award Winning Gins and Whiskey.

243Art Galleries, Museums, Theatres and Performing Arts

When it comes to live musicarttheatre, artists, murals, unique venues, and passionate crowds of art devourers (or devouristas?) there is plenty to experience in Saskatoon.

Renowned Hosts to over111,771International Events, Meetings and Conferences Attendees

Saskatoon has become renowned for its hosting ability. In 2019 alone over 111,771 people from around the globe attended 69 international meetings, conferences and events. Whether it’s International Basketball, Lacrosse, Hockey, Scientific, Social Issues and Agricultural meetings and conferences or world-class local events and festivals Saskatoon remains a happening place for international and national visitors.

345Local and annual events and festivals

Saskatoon loves to have fun and that fun is made even better when we have guests join us. So come expecting to join in the fun of one of our many annual festivals and events.

Saskatoon is home to the Synchrotron (Particle Accelerator), Remai Modern Art Gallery, Wanuskewin Heritage Park, Meewasin Valley. One of Canada’s most talked-about cities, Saskatoon thrives economically while excelling as a forward-thinking metropolis.

  • The secret is out! Saskatoon is the place to experience local eateries, bustling nightlife, river trails and other outdoor spaces as well as cultural institutions and museums.
  • With over 65 annual events, there is no shortage of things to see, do and enjoy! These include the Nutrien WinterShines Festival, Summer time Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, the Nutrien Fireworks Festival, Saskatchewan Marathon and Nuit Blanche.
  • Remai Modern is an art museum that showcases contemporary and modern art. It is also home to over 8,000 art pieces by Picasso and other international artists including Eli Bornstein, Emily Carr and Jimmie Durham.
  • The University of Saskatchewan is a top leading research-intensive university ranked number 1 in Water Resource Research in Canada. Facilities include Canadian Light Source synchrotron (brightest light in Canada) and the Global Institute of Water Security.
  • Meewasin Valley Trail companies the South Saskatchewan River which provides protection of the river as well as various walking trails.
  • With the South Saskatchewan River running through the city, there are eight bridges connecting the city. Saskatoon is also known as “Paris of the Prairies” and “Bridge City”.
  • At the city’s edge lies the Wanuskewin Heritage Park, a non-profit historic and cultural center that celebrates Metis and First Nations culture. It was named a National Historic Site of Canada in 1987. The theme of Wanuskewin Heritage Park is one of interpretation – exploring and explaining the meaning of Plains cultures to gain a better understanding of ourselves, Saskatchewan’s Indigenous peoples, and our common heritage. 6000 years of history lie on the land and is celebrated through exhibits, art and walking trails. Wanuskewin also recently reintroduced a heard of Bison (Buffalo) to the Park.