Feb 10-12, 2021

Eclat Lighting Initiative Conference


Saskatchewan, Canada

The Éclat initiative will have three major focus:

We anticipate in year one we will have the Conference and demonstration components, working up to Hosting the LUCI Cities Under Microscope project here in Saskatoon in 2022 or 2023.

Éclat Mission

To provide a vehicle for expanding, knowledge, artistic expression and enhanced public utilization of light.

Éclat Goals

  1. Education and knowledge building with regard to the design, implementation and use of light for artistic expression, safety, ambience, traffic and pedestrian flow.
  2. Provide a unique festival with global interest that will bring an international audience to Saskatoon.
  3. Provide live scaled examples of lighting approaches and solutions that can enhance the quality of life.

Who its for?

  • Lighting artists, designers, architects, city planners and the like.
  • International travel audiences from countries such as: China, Japan, Australia, Europe (France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway), Italy, US and Canada.
  • Domestic travel audiences from within Canada.


Sponsors & Funders

LUCI Charteron Urban Lighting

Promoting a culture of sustainability in lighting

LUCI Association logo

Éclat is a proud member of LUCI Association, the international network of cities on urban lighting. As such, we promise to uphold the values included in the LUCI charter:

We, the member cities of the LUCI network, would like to hereby affirm our shared conviction that lighting can play a determining role in supporting the sustainable urban development of our cities.

We strongly believe that urban lighting, with its capacity to organize and stimulate urban activities, to enhance cities and their urban spaces and to increase the quality of life of its inhabitants, can indeed contribute positively to building sustainable cities.

A responsible public lighting strategy can assist in meeting the following objectives:

  • Supporting the urban, social and economic development of our cities
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Taking into account the social and environmental impacts linked to the production, exploitation and maintenance of lighting installations.

We therefore wish to define the issues related to the implementation of sustainable lighting, and the way such lighting can contribute to sustainable development policies in cities worldwide.

Sustainable Cities

Integrating urban lighting in urban development policies

We are convinced that high quality and carefully designed urban lighting can influence the process of urban development and regeneration in a decisive and positive way.

We believe that a fully integrated public lighting strategy supported by a master plan constitutes one of the keys to a balanced urban development.

Thus, we the member cities of LUCI, hereby declare our commitment to:

Sustainable Light

Considering the environmental and ecological impacts of light

Cities and countries worldwide are taking action to limit their CO2 emissions and we fully support these initiatives.

We believe that cities can contribute to these objectives by planning and realising their urban lighting strategies in an efficient and resource-friendly way.

Thus, we the member cities of LUCI, hereby declare our commitment to taking into consideration the following issues in our lighting policies:

Following these commitments, we, the member cities of LUCI, hereby engage ourselves in:

Applying the existing local, national and international resolutions and charters on sustainable development and sustainable technologies.

Developing an integrated approach to the design and implementation of lighting in urban planning and development policies. This involves:

  • Using lighting master plans as a strategic planning instrument.
  • Organizing active civic participation on significant lighting projects.

Disseminating a new culture of sustainable lighting in our cities, by:

  • Supporting open innovation by encouraging and promoting activities in all domains related to sustainability.
  • Promoting good practice solutions and demonstrating the positive results of advanced lighting concepts and technologies for innovative lighting.
  • Contributing actively to the expertise within the LUCI network by exchanging experiences and building benchmarks of good practice.

Verifying the results of our efforts and giving a progress report every 3 years.